Innovation - creative answers to complex problems

Brüel & Kjær is founded on good ideas, hard work and entrepreneurship, and it is the passion for innovation and high quality that drives the company forward.

Over 100 creative and dedicated development engineers at Brüel & Kjær are involved in research and development. New products and solutions are often conceived in cooperation with customers. We even have a team solely dedicated to creating new, groundbreaking technologies and products while actively collaborating with customers and academic partners.

For us innovation means:
  • Scientific and technological development - for example the groundbreaking surface microphone, the unique REq-X and Dyn-X technologies for PULSE, the world's first multi-field microphone, and LAN-XI - the market's only completely modular data acquisition system.
  • Creative employees - constantly involved in expanding our patent portfolio
  • Customer cooperation - to develop customised systems and solutions to specific challenges. Many of our standard products started with a customer challenge. We often involve customers in the R&D process to ensure that the features and priorities in  development projects meet customer needs. For example, this has been the case for the Sound Level Meter Type 2250, PULSE Reflex software and the LAN-XI data acquisition front-end system. 

By investing in a Brüel & Kjær solution, our customers invest in original research, real invention, a global network of expertise, and local support. 

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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