Corporate Management Team

Søren Holst managing director of Brüel & Kjær   

Søren Holst, President

Søren Holst joined Brüel & Kjær in 2015, continuing a career in leading international technology companies, most recently as Group Senior Vice President of the ReSound Group, and President of GN Otometrics. Søren also spent eleven years with Oticon, including four in North America.

Bjarne Kristensen     Bjarne Kristensen, Vice President Finance 

Bjarne Kristensen joined the management team in 2014 coming from a position with Danaher company, Leica Biosystems. Prior to that, he held high-level positions with two other Danaher companies – Chemtreat and Radiometer.

Martin Adams   Martin Adams, Vice President Brüel & Kjær Environment Management Solutions

Martin Adams joined the Brüel & Kjær management team in 2009 following the acquisition of Lochard Ltd. Martin was co-founder and CEO of Lochard in 1990 and prior to this, he worked for Schlumberger and Honeywell Information Systems.
Lars Agerlin   Lars Agerlin, Vice President Research & Development

Lars Agerlin joined Brüel & Kjær as VP of R&D in 2008. He came from a position as Senior Vice President at SimCorp. Prior to joining SimCorp, Lars worked for 11 years at Nokia in various management roles.
Uffe Bjerg     Uffe Bjerg, Vice President Account Sales

Uffe Bjerg joined the Brüel & Kjær management in 2016. He comes from a position as VP Sales North America in GN Otometrics, and before this, he has held various management positions in GN Otometrics. Uffe started his career in Brüel & Kjær sales.
Torben Bjørn   Torben Bjørn, Vice President Operations

Torben Bjørn joined the management team in 1997. Torben has a background of over 30 years in various project and managerial roles in Brüel & Kjær.
Alun Crewe   Alun Crewe, Vice President Telecom/Audio and Strategic Marketing

Alun Crewe joined the management team in 2008. He has worked for Brüel & Kjær since 2003 as Product Marketing Manager. Prior to joining Brüel & Kjær Alun worked in various positions for MTS Systems and SDRC in the US and UK.
Alan Humphrey   Alan Humphrey, Vice President Automotive

Alan Humphrey joined the management team in 2008. He has worked for Brüel & Kjær as President of Bruel & Kjaer North America Inc. since February 2003. Prior to joining Brüel & Kjær, Alan worked for 15 years at MTS Systems in various management roles.
Christophe Sinsou
  Christophe Sinsou, Vice President Aerospace and Defence

Christophe Sinsou joined the management team in 2016. He has worked for Brüel & Kjær since 2002 in various sales management positions, most recently as Sales Director for the European market. Prior to joining Brüel & Kjær Christophe held sales management positions with MTS systems and SDRC.
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