Data recording and analysis

Brüel & Kjær provides a wide range of data recording hardware from pocket-sized units to 1000+ channel systems enabling you to:

  • Save time with simple setup and an intuitive user interface
  • Save money by ensuring valid data
  • Record data with 1 to 1000+ channels

Raw time data is the key commodity for any measurements. Analysis can be performed at leisure, provided the actual data is safely recorded. For post-processing the data, PULSE Reflex software then provides powerful analysis capabilities.

Simultaneous real-time analysis during data recording ensures that results can be checked, re-analysed and reported to other users – providing an important backup.

Data recording

Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI      High performance systems - 1000+ channels
Recording to PC with simultaneous real-time analysis. Uses the modular and versatile LAN-XI data acquisition platform, combined with Time Data Recording software.
> Data recording hardware LAN-XI
> Time Data Recording

Rugged standalone recording - up to 12 channels
Battery power and solid-state memory for multi-channel recording. Purchase complete or transform existing LAN-XI modules with a simple firmware addition.
> Stand-alone recorder LAN-XI Notar™

Portable data recording PHOTON+ Multi-purpose analyzer - 4 channels
Recording to PC via USB – making any PC into an instrument-quality recorder for sound and vibration analysis. Power comes from a USB cable for portability.
> Dynamic signal analyzer PHOTON+

Sonoscout In-vehicle NVH recorder SonoscoutTM
Sonoscout is a highly portable system that quickly records noise and vibration data and validates results immediately using an iPad®.
> Sonoscout NVH Recorder

Sound level meter Type 2250 Universal recording tool - 1 channel
Versatile recording, measurement and analysis toolbox in a single, ergonomic instrument. Award-winning design gives an intuitive user-interface, and a wide range of applications.
> Sound level meter Type 2250



PULSE Reflex Core post-processing      Post-processing software
Data processing. With your time data safely recorded, PULSE Reflex core provides powerful analysis at leisure. Generic post-processing tools, experimental modal analysis, building acoustics and crank angle analysis are all supported.  
> Post-processing software PULSE Reflex


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