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Conference Papers  are technical papers that have been presented at sound and vibration conferences around the world.

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  • Simulation of realistic background noise using multiple loudspeakers
  • From noise monitoring to noise management a better way to deal with noise issues
  • Legislation, Regulation and Best Practice in Airport Noise Management
  • Idle Vibration Analysis and Evaluation Utilizing a Full-Vehicle NVH Simulator
  • Utilising the Strengths of Different Sound Sensor Networks in Smart CityNoise Management
  • Extension of acoustic holography to cover higher frequencies
  • A practical guide to using MIMO vibration control for MIL-STD-810 single axis transport testing of large, resonant land based military payloads
  • Reproduction of realistic background noise for testing telecommunications devices
  • Comparative study of OMA applied to experimental and simulated data from an operating Vestas V27 wind turbine
  • Experimental characterization of an operating Vestas V27 wind turbine using harmonic power spectra and OMA SSI
  • Noise sentinel – a proactive approach to noise management in mining operations at BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd
  • Non-stationary Holography on Arbitrary Source Shapes
  • New techniques to determine specific noise for increasing the effectiveness of continuous unattended noise monitoring systems
  • Environmental Sound Classification in Realistic Situations
  • Estimating Contributions of Vehicle Pass-by Noise Sources
  • Evaluation of SPC and BSS for indoor pass-by noise contribution analysis
  • Shale gas drilling
  • Effect of a damage to modal parameters of a wind turbine blade
  • Designing the sound experience with NVH simulation
  • Using the unified matrix polynomial approach (UMPA) for the development of the stochastic subspace identification (SSI) algorithm
  • Least action criteria for blind separation of structural modes
  • A “Local Solve” Method for Extracting Modal Parameters from Inconsistent Data
  • A Non-Hermitian Joint Diagonalization based Blind Source Separation algorithm for Operational Modal Analysis
  • Quantifying uncertainty in modal parameters estimated using higher order time domain algorithms
  • A method for recognition of coexisting environmental sound sources based on the Fisher’s linear discriminant classifier
  • Application of OMA to operational wind turbine: methods for clearing the Campbell diagram
  • Application of OMA to operational wind turbine
  • Harmonic Removal as a Pre-processing Step for Operational Modal Analysis: Application to Operating Gearbox Data
  • Modal Analysis of Rotating Wind Turbine using Multiblade Coordinate Transformation - IMAC 2014
  • Quantifying uncertainty in modal parameters estimated using higher order time domain algorithms - IMAC 2014
  • Use of hand-held array for NVH measurement in the automotive industry
  • Recent Advances in Rail Vehicle Moving Source Beamforming
  • Noise Source Identification with Blade Tracking on a Wind Turbine
  • High-resolution Fly-over Beamforming Using a Small Practical Array
  • Noise source identification - Acoustics 2012
  • Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring on the Web - CSCE Conference 2012
  • Dynamic Noise Mapping for Pro-Active Environment Noise Management - Internoise 2011
  • Managed Services for Construction Site Noise and Vibration - Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics 2011
  • Technology Advances in Remote Noise Monitoring - Paper
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