The substantially increased use of composites in new aircraft fuselages, empennages and wings, brings the significant SFC benefit of lighter, stiffer structures to new products. This radical change in design philosophy also presents many new engineering challenges. These include fundamental changes to calculations of aeroelasticity, aircraft performance (lift and drag), static and dynamic loading, and fuselage sound transmission loss. High quality testing subsequently assumes even greater significance, as this must be performed to provide key inputs for model validation and component sizing.

With so many components, stakeholders and disciplines involved, precise and reliable measurements are essential to verify the design, troubleshoot the problems and approve the final product quickly but without compromising safety and comfort. Brüel & Kjær provides tools to quickly, easily and reliably measure and validate quality and performance parameters, and calibrate virtual models and prototypes according to test results.

Aircraft certification – Exterior noise

As global air travel grows, so does the concern for noise around airports. This leads to increasingly strict legislation. Exterior noise is, therefore, a key priority for the aerospace industry. Brüel & Kjær provides a complete suite of measurement solutions for benchmarking, troubleshooting and type approval of air vehicles, ranging from sensors to complex solutions.

Cabin comfort – Interior noise

Long flights can be an uncomfortable experience. Improving the flying experience, despite minimal space increases and rising capacity requirements, can make a difference in gaining market shares. Brüel & Kjær’s Acoustic Test Suite incorporates specialised solutions for measuring acoustic noise in aircraft cabins and determining noise reduction remedies.

Structural integrity

Virtual simulation has dramatically accelerated the aircraft development process but physical testing is still essential. The outcome of aircraft Ground Vibration Tests is used to update the aircraft’s analytical modal and predict the critical flutter speed – used as input for the aircraft flutter test to obtain its airworthiness certification. The Structural Test Suite offers complete solutions for controlled excitation tests, real-life operational tests and test-finite element analysis (FEA) integration that can be applied to the smallest components or the largest assembled structures.

Product safety and durability

An aircraft’s maiden flight marks the start of a rigorous flight test programme. The process, covering all scenarios from pre-takeoff to landing, can take months to complete before delivery to a customer. Quality measurement results are essential. Brüel & Kjær’s Environmental Test Suite includes a full range of test tools providing the facilities for acoustic fatigue testing on prototypes and in-flight, flight testing and monitoring, vibration testing and field data replication and shock and crash testing.
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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