Managing Airport Noise

Noise is the most pressing issue at airports and any significant development at an airport needs to consider the corresponding change in noise impact. Most airports have noise abatement policies that restrict operations in order to limit the noise impact. Our solutions link positional data from radars to information about each aircraft operation to actual noise levels measured on the ground. Our systems know where aircraft are, what they are, who is operating them and how much noise they make every time they arrive and depart the airfield.

This data is processed to help the airport police its noise abatement policies ranging from departure track keeping, monitoring noise limits and levying fines for noisy aircraft, enforcing night curfews and ensuring environmentally efficient procedures are used such as Continuous Descent on Approach.

Data is also aggregated to provide management information illustrating trends, and reporting activity to stakeholders.

A third arm enables the airport to manage, investigate and respond to noise complaints increasing understanding of the airport and providing important data to track changes in the perception of the environmental impact of the airport.

Understanding where aircraft fly

The first steps in managing aircraft noise can be achieved by seeing exactly where aircraft are flying around the airfield. Whilst most airports have access to radar data this is intended for air traffic control, it does not show a history of the flight only where the aircraft is right...

Managing noise abatement policies

Many airports adopt a range of noise abatement measures intended to limit the environmental impact from aircraft arriving and departing the airport. Individual measures range from

  • Concentrating departures over areas of low residential population,
  • Mandating no fly...
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