Benchmarking and Troubleshooting

Automotive manufacturers set high standards for themselves and their suppliers. Therefore, much of their work involves benchmark testing to help them set target levels and troubleshooting to modify individual noise or vibration sources.

These processes demand a lot of resources are complicated with many unknown variables, such as access restrictions to a competitor’s vehicle or missing data. So Brüel & Kjær provides industry-trusted, innovative and efficient solutions that save time and resources while guaranteeing high-quality data acquisition and analysis no matter the situation.


Benchmarking vehicles is a useful to gather data for target setting based on customer preferences. For in-situ tests, we have developed SoNoScout – a portable NVH tool for quick, non-intrusive recording and analysis.

Measure right the first time

Benchmark testing is often done by those with limited NVH experience. Our Automotive Test Manager was designed together with leading automotive OEMs as a compact, easy-to-use NVH test solution for both track and dyno testing.

Identify the root cause of a problem in a prototype

Brüel & Kjær provides integrated solutions for recording in the field or laboratory for later analysis. The newest addition, PULSE Reflex Core, is an open, powerful post-processing and reporting environment an offers the functionality needed to quickly analyze large amounts of time data.

Cabin Noise

Our Spherical Beamformer creates a 360° sound field map overlaid with a picture of vehicle interior without making any assumptions about the sound field. This quick method allows a full map to be calculated from a single-shot measurement.

Noise source identification

Our Array Acoustic Suite reduces measurement time by giving direct pictures of the noise radiation for interior and exterior noise. The test object can then be superimposed onto a contour plot, easing reporting and analysis and helping NVH engineers to understand where the main sources are located.

Wind tunnel testing

Investing in wind tunnel and test track measurements is often the only way to recreate real-world conditions for model and mule car testing, and is a good method of validating simulated model data. We provide specialised solutions for specific needs.

Optimise Materials for the Sound Package

Optimisation of the sound absorption and transmission loss performance has a prevalent role in the design process. PULSE Acoustic Material Testing, a cost-effective solution, provides tools to measure materials for sound or vibration reduction against design specifications and validate their acoustic properties.

Pass-by noise

The current version of the pass-by measurement standard has put more stringent demands on pass-by and coast-by noise testing. The PULSE-based Pass-by Noise test solution covers the full spectrum – from simple conformance testing to multi-channel diagnostics.

Structural performance and integrity

Structural dynamics is the engineering discipline concerned with the behaviour of structures subjected to dynamic loading. Our Structural Dynamics Suite covers a wide range of structural performance and integrity measurements and analysis.

Powertrain engineering

Designing a quality experience that gives pleasing performance and sound, yet avoids weight-adding insulation and large, quieter engines, means the challenge lies with efficient powertrain development.
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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