Wind tunnel testing

Finding the source of acoustic phenomena can be accomplished in many ways, and often depends on the conditions in which the phenomena occur. For many vehicle manufacturers, investing in wind tunnel and test track measurements is often the only way to recreate real-world conditions for model and mule car testing, or is a good method of validating simulated model data.

Having measurement tools that can withstand the tough conditions of wind tunnels and test tracks and still acquire reliable data is key. Brüel & Kjær has listened to their customers and focused on these types of tests, providing specialised solutions for specific needs so that they can perform vehicle pass-by noise contribution studies for cars, trucks and trains, location of high-frequency engine noise sources, and wind-tunnel measurements.

  • Surface microphones mounted on the exterior of a vehicle, measure the pressure fluctuations in different positions of the vehicle without drilling holes
  • Beamforming can be used for noise mapping from a distance of large objects. The data for all points is acquired in a single measurement, saving time and effort.
  • Vehicle pass-by noise testing to study the noise contribution and locate high-frequency engine noise sources. Can be combined with the Spherical Beamformer for quantifying interior noise
  • Indoor pass-by noise testing for simulation of pass-by noise testing. A row of microphones is placed alongside the test vehicle. The vehicle runs on a chassis dynamometer and accelerated in the same way as it would be for a vehicle pass-by measurement


Wind tunnel testing
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