Building Acoustics

People living and working in urban areas are often disturbed by noise. The escalation of powerful audio systems and the increase in road and air traffic intensify the annoyance, degrading the quality of life for around 20% of the population. However, as sound and speech are integral to human life and culture, it is crucial to find a balance between annoyance and enjoyment. In particular, buildings like classrooms, meeting rooms, cinemas, theatres and concert halls require a design that encourages easy communication and a high degree of intelligibility. The responsibility of ensuring good sound in buildings without proliferating unwanted noise falls on the shoulders of architects, interior designers, engineers and municipal authorities.

Brüel & Kjær's architectural acoustic platform helps lift their burden by providing innovative and easy to use tools and flexible, reliable solutions to assess the sound insulation of building materials, building elements and finished housing. All instrument parameters fulfil the national building regulations of most countries and give results on the spot to confirm compliance with all pertinent requirements. Integrated systems provide modelling and analysis of an interior space’s acoustic properties to ensure superior sound propagation during the design process and high speech intelligibility according to the structure’s purpose.

Sound Insulation

Sound energy propagates throughout buildings by any available path. Measuring sound levels and damping of walls are often not enough. The sound insulation of ceilings and floors must also be measured. Common standards include ISO 16283, ISO 140 and ASTM E336-90. The whole process can be time consuming and demands diverse measuring equipment. We have made the job easier by providing quality equipment that produces reliable measurements quickly and easily.

Room and Office Acoustics

Room acoustics deals with sound quality within a room and poor acoustics mean we do not enjoy a concert or social event, or we do not work efficiently in the office or workshop. It all boils down to sound being reflected too much, too little, or in the wrong direction. Brüel & Kjær’s innovative tools help you optimise the sound quality in a room.

Speech Transmission

Speech intelligibility is an important measure of the effectiveness of a communication system or of the ability to communicate in a noisy environment. With Brüel & Kjær’s state-of-art equipment, speech measurements can be carried out through an artificial mouth-directional loudspeaker sound source or through direct injection into a sound system while still taking into account the impact of external and internal noise sources.


  • Arup
  • ATCO
  • Deutsche Telecom
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  • Marshall Day
  • National Acoustic Laboratories - Australia
  • Saint Gobain
  • Sound Research Laboratories UK
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