Noise Monitoring

Continuous outdoor noise monitoring is being adopted throughout the world as a means of reducing the noise impact from the everyday activities that go on around us. As well as producing trend information for planning purposes and compliance monitoring, They process data to highlight noise disturbances for investigation working with you to help reduce noise.

Urban Noise Monitoring

As urban areas grow, environmental noise invariably increases due to the activities that develop around the community. In Europe, the need for local authorities to provide a high standard of living for their communities led to the European noise mapping directive 2002/49/EC. Cities around the world are now adopting a similar approach. Noise Sentinel service-based, noise monitoring enables you to demonstrate that you are taking community noise seriously, reporting trends, handling noise disturbances and publishing information to the Web.

Industrial Noise Monitoring

If you operate a noisy business then noise will usually have been an issue during the planning of your site development. Taking pro-active action to regularly communicate your compliance with noise legislation can help to develop a cooperative relationship with the community instead of tying you up in unproductive battles. The Noise Sentinel service frees you from the burden of operating a noise, vibration, dust and air quality monitoring system by providing alerts, delivering the information you need to investigate and compiling reports to demonstrate your compliance with the restrictions in your operating licence.


  • City of Madrid, Spain
  • London Borough of Richmond, UK
  • City of Valencia, Spain
  • KaoShiung Industrial Park, Taiwan
  • RIVM Institute of Public Health & Environment, The Netherlands
  • Conselho do Ambiente, Macau
  • Ministry of Environment, Korea
  • Environnement SA, France
  • Kentucky Steel Plant, USA
  • Chevron Refinery, USA
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