Launch vehicles and satellites

The demands placed upon a rocket and its payload during launch are severe. Rocket launchers generate extreme noise and vibration, while pyroshocks during separation stages cause additional stress on the launcher and payload.

Validating the launch capability of equipment is complex and multi-disciplined, involving critical components and heavy loads, and it must be done at all stages of product development and production.

During product development, testing provides correlation and validation of Finite Element Models (FEM) so that design teams can get the data they need to confirm their assumptions and calibrate their structural models. Subsequent qualification and acceptance testing helps prove the design via extensive shock and vibro-acoustic tests.

Structural dynamics

Testing such as modal analysis and Finite Element Modelling (FEM) accurately determine a structure's response to excitations. Our modal testing solutions enable single and poly-reference modal analysis in the most demanding situations.

Mechanical qualification and acceptance testing

Integrated Q&A testing solutions to ensure equipment designs conform to performance and safety expectations required for a particular mission – from assembly and transportation to launch and operation.

Launch sensors

Microphones, flight-tested accelerometers and airborne conditioning amplifiers designed and specified for the extreme conditions of launch and space - Brüel & Kjær has a wide range to suit every purpose.
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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