Space system components

Space applications demand high structural performance under extreme environments for the components in a structure, as well as for the complete structures themselves. Solar panels, peripherals (such as robotic arms), fuel tanks, and on-board controls must all perform dependably – for many years.

From the violent shocks and stresses of launch to the extreme atmospheric and climatic changes of orbit, each component must be tested to ensure survivability and proper operation throughout its life cycle. There is no easy way to repair or replace systems after launch.

Environmental testing

Ensuring materials and structures can withstand the hostile environment of space throughout a mission, our sound and vibration solutions perform simultaneous shock, vibration and temperature experiments.

Structural dynamics testing

Validating models by testing prototypes gives design teams the feedback needed to confirm their assumptions and calibrate their structural models. We provide test labs with integrated structural dynamics test and analysis solutions.

Transport testing

Enabling simulation of the effects of system transport, which can cause enough vibration for sensitive components to risk inoperability before they reach the launch pad. 

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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