Wind Energy

Wind turbines are large, expensive investments that require rigorous monitoring at every stage from design and development to manufacturing and operating. Shortened time-to-market constrains the R&D process and demands highly accurate and concise data gathering to ensure efficiency and longevity is effectively built in.

Once operational, maximising efficiency requires minimising costly downtime and repair, troubleshooting rapidly, and optimising energy output – all while maintaining good community relations.

Our range of sound and vibration measurement solutions spans the complete measurement chain from micro-transducers to powerful analysis software. With an extended selection of vibration exciters, controllers and amplifiers, Brüel & Kjær equipment supports durability and fatigue testing on small sub-components as well as large assembled units.

Standards-based sound power measurement tools allow you to pinpoint noise sources and analyse them in detail, before representing the data in easy-to-understand acoustic maps. Meanwhile long- and short-term monitoring solutions provide all of the tools you need to ensure compliance with local standards and regulations, keep local communities on your side, and prevent costly energy reductions.

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Wind farm noise monitoring

High noise levels can result in limitations on energy output, while overly-relaxed noise thresholds can cause conflicts with the local community. Whatever your circumstances, gathering reliable operational data is key to optimising energy output while minimising complaints.

Wind turbine field testing tools

Noise plays an increasingly important role in wind energy, so understanding noise reduction is a critical factor during research, development and operation. Accurate tools are necessary to locate and evaluate the noise from every aspect of turbine design - from blades to nacelle insulation.

Wind Turbine Sound Power Determination according to IEC61400–11

International standard IEC 61400-11 demands consistency and accuracy in the measurement of wind turbine noise, using quality equipment with calibration that is traceable to national institutes.

Vibration testing of wind turbine components

Reliability and low maintenance are key factors governing the profitability of wind turbines, as downtime and repair are prohibitively costly. Since component parts like nacelle electronics are subjected to substantial vibration, fatigue and failure can easily result.

Wind turbine gearbox testing

Repairing or replacing a wind turbine gearbox is a costly exercise compounded by an expensive loss of energy output. Failure, warranty issues and servicing can be minimised by thoroughly analysing the sound and vibration of each gearbox.
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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