Wind farm noise monitoring

High noise levels can result in limitations on energy output, while overly-relaxed noise thresholds can cause conflicts with the local community. Whatever your circumstances, gathering reliable operational data is key to optimising energy output while minimising complaints.

Permanent noise monitoring - The Noise Sentinel solution allows you to accurately record data over a sustained period, in all weather conditions, to build up a comprehensive picture of the sound characteristics. As noise conditions in and around wind farms vary, long-term monitoring can reveal considerable scope for greater energy generation by tailoring the outputs of individual turbines.

Proactive noise monitoring promotes effective cooperation with neighbours that can prevent conflicts before they arise, and quickly resolve those that do by clearly proving ongoing compliance.

Our portable terminals provide a semi-permanent noise monitoring solution which is a flexible option for future and current wind turbine sites that either have a need for noise level assessment or to prove noise level compliance. These semi-permanent solutions can be relocated easily, such as when evaluating individual turbines. They are weatherproof and durable, and provide days of independent recording capability using battery power. 

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