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Diving deeper into the sound of blue whales

Growing up to 30 m long and 180 tons, the blue whale is the largest animal in the world. In addition to its impressive size, its calls can be heard thousands of kilometres away and far below the ocean’s surface. However, very little is known about these calls and how man-made noises can interfere with them – and what the implications really are.


Cutting the commute

Only in the final hot weeks of late summer do combine harvesters appear, carving their dusty trails through dry cornfields. To exploit every last minute while conditions are optimal, New Holland’s developers work hard to reduce the time driving between fields.


Bringing communities on board

How Manchester Airports Group’s new noise and operations management system is building trust through transparency.


Uplifting sound quality

Today, sound is being recognized more and more as an important parameter when defining product quality.


The fauna philharmonics

They howl, thump, bang, chirp and rumble. The sound and vibration repertoire of these animals would indeed make an interesting symphony.


Women in sound and vibration

“It’s a man’s world,” they say, and looking at the statistics one would be tempted to agree.


Calibration is key to trust – and...

Trust is the basis of all human relationships and a valuable business commodity.


The conductor's point of view

At 58, David Chesky is a composer and musician whose commitment to sound is fanatic. After growing up among the Latin sounds of Miami, he moved to New York and found himself...


Vehicle noise tests are getting tighter

The new pass-by tests coming in 2016 will help prevent ‘noisy’ vehicles from being able to satisfy legal sound limits in very specific test conditions – by broadening the scope of the tests.


Simulation of realistic background noise using multiple...

Whether walking down a street, or multi-tasking with our phone on ‘speaker’, we expect clear voice transmission. Sophisticated signal processing enhances our speech above background noise, but which method is best to test this capability?

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Testing futuristic fighter jets

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Sorting out the sources of sound

The latest research into Blind Source Separation (BSS) – a technique that involves separating a mixture of sounds – indicates that it is a good method for assisting the automotive...


Remembering a sound and vibration...

Having just celebrated his 100th birthday, Per V. Brüel passed away on April 2, 2015. He was a visionary engineer and inventor, responsible for engineering breakthroughs in the...

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