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universal man

Universal man

He writes academic books, carries out scientific research, presents TV documentaries, makes radio appearances, writes science books and presents science shows reaching 15,000 schoolchildren. Add to this a full time position as Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford and you have the multi-faceted, 49-year-old, Bristol-born, Trevor Cox.

nothing runs like a deere

Nothing runs like a Deere

Whether harvesting forests, digging foundations, or propelling ships, people depend on John Deere’s engines to get things done.

all quiet on board

All quiet on board

Noise is a significant issue for anyone working on ships. Even moderate noise and vibration can affect comfort and lead to a drop in performance. Professor Hideyuki Shuri, an authority on ship noise, has been working for many years to overcome the challenges.

on the right track

On the right track

High-speed train manufacturer, CAF, rely on world-class beamforming technology to reduce the noise generated by their trains – helping to make high-speed trains a more viable option for travellers and operators alike.

the quietest place in the world

The quietest place in the world

Microsoft® has a vision to make our devices so effortless to use that they all but disappear. And since sound quality holds the key, they have purpose-built a series of anechoic chambers for testing, which includes the quietest place in the world.


The longest echo

In 2014, acoustics expert Trevor Cox crawled through a narrow pipe into a subterranean oil tank in Inchindown, Scotland ...

Ten years with the arc

Ten years with the ARC

This year, the MSC Application Research Center (ARC) lab, located just outside Detroit, Michigan, celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

the screaming void an hour in an anechoic chamber

The screaming void: An hour in an...

As you walk into an anechoic chamber, you enter a strange new world: spiky, soft walls enclose every surface of the room. And when you look down, the floor is just a see-through...

prone to excellence

Prone to excellence

French engineering student Raphaël Chevalier has developed a device that helps Olympic prone shooters improve their accuracy by up to 24%.

enhancing sound quality

Class-D technology: Enhancing sound quality

Class-D audio systems are the practical choice when you need more audio power.

just not in the mood

Just not in the mood

Brüel & Kjær received an unusual request from a Danish film-producer, who was working on a documentary on spiders.

five questions for zhigang chu

Five questions for Zhigang Chu

At 37, Zhigang Chu is not only a Chief Engineer of Technical Support Team with Brüel & Kjær China but also an Associate Professor at Chongqing University.


Can you play the Asphaltophone?

When you drive over lumps and bumps on the road, the sounds rumble up into your car. But you might be surprised to learn just how much road makers can control theses sounds.

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