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Long-term Noise Monitoring – How a New Approach Leads to a Better Result
Nobody wants to buy a noise monitoring system; what they really want is to know how noisy the environment is. Procuring a noise monitoring system goes some way towards this goal, but leaves owners with another problem – who is going to operate it? Your noise supplier might tell you that the system will operate itself but, as you’ll see from the issues highlighted in this article, a noise system is not the whole picture.
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Surprised by a Police Siren?
Canadian researchers investigate a new police siren that alerts drivers using low-frequency sound modulation.
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Brüel & Kjær Microphones; Five Decades of Excellence
What you see when you buy a microphone is just a small metallic device, but don’t let that fool you, there are a lot of processes, special care and dedicated knowledge behind each single unit.
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Get NVH Project Funding Early
New vehicle programs require a set of NVH goals based on the expectations and desires of corporate management, designers, NVH engineers, and not least, customers.
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50th Anniversary of World's First Sound Level Meter
2010 is the year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Type 2203, the mother of all sound level meters.
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How to Certify Aero Engines
PULSE-based noise certification system helps NPO Saturn meet stringent noise standards
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Support Agreements: Get Help and Keep your PULSE System up to date
The Brüel & Kjær Software Maintenance and Support Agreement ensures that your PULSE system remains up to date to meet ever changing business and technical goals.
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