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Driving Canada’s automotive industry - AUTO21
Facilitating university and industry collaboration on advanced technology development, AUTO21 is an organisation that is instrumental in an entire country’s economy, as Scientific Director and CEO, Dr Peter Frise explains.
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Structural dynamics: Test-FEA integration
Reducing the amount of physical models, cutting development costs and shortening time to market – nowadays it is all down to the integration between structural testing and simulation.
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New section: Brief bits of useful information
Important information, product changes, small developments, and interesting facts – all sorts of things to help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments relating to you.
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Protecting sport shooters - The science of the silencer
The elongated barrel of a silenced weapon is an icon of danger. But what of the science behind these sneaky, squeaking tubes? Can they make us safer?
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Indoor pass-by + exterior noise contribution analysis
Pass-by testing that shows the sound contributions of individual vehicle components is now available through Brüel & Kjær’s breakthrough technology: time-domain source path contribution.
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Swedish laboratory focuses on wind energy
Lund University’s Future Energy Initiative begins with industry and academic experts giving a taste of future research, and a University of Windsor professor shares the benefits already reaped there.
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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ vibration system
The engineering team has a new range of testing capabilities, performing demanding tests for many engineers working in their group and offering testing services for affiliated external companies.
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