NoiseOffice – Services to Manage Your Noise Data

The NoiseOffice Approach

NoiseOffice is a subscription service providing the information you need to run your noise management program, including:

  • Reliable & precise monitoring of noise impact
  • Routine compliance reports
  • Investigation tools needed to engage stakeholders
  • Data integrity & validation, auditability and long term records management
  • Ongoing access, management, support & refresh of all necessary technology

In brief, NoiseOffice provides:

  • A configurable menu of services tailored to each client's needs
  • Frees up local/airport staff for high-value activities & community engagement
  • Secure system and data availability, reliability, and integrity by leveraging world’s largest and most experienced operations team
  • Lower total cost of operation
  • Proven in some of the World’s largest and most complex airports.

Achieving Great Outcomes

Achieving great outcomes in environment noise management is complex and requires a broad range of skills. Most environment programs require:

  • Setting strategies
  • Developing and monitoring noise mitigation initiatives
  • Managing and reducing carbon emissions, and
  • Engaging all stakeholders in appropriate and easy to understand ways

Comprehensive Information Requirements

These tasks require the support of a comprehensive information set that quantifies impact, tracks trends, answers adhoc questions and complies with regulatory requirements. The information must be complete, audited and beyond question, on time and easy to understand.

Traditional Approach to Environment Monitoring

Traditionally users have bought their own technology and managed the monitoring system throughout its 15 year lifecycle. This requires detailed technical skills and energy that would be better used on setting policy, managing noise abatement programs and stakeholder outreach.

NoiseOffice Approach

NoiseOffice Benefits

NoiseOffice enables you to contract the data and information services you need, rather than engaging in system procurement, implementation, training, maintenance & ongoing technology refresh. It enables you to focus staff on stakeholder engagement and removes the need to establish and maintain technical expertise.

NoiseOffice delivers

  • World's best practice in environment management
  • Freedom to focus on engagement rather than technology
  • Avoidance of procurement, deployment and ramp-up risk
  • Guaranteed compliance, responsiveness and an independent audit trail
  • Simpler operation by removing the need for technicians to sustain operations
  • Easier operation by removing technology refresh costs and diversions
  • Lower cost of operation


We have been delivering NoiseOffice services to airports including AirServices Australia, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, Newcastle International, among others, since 2004. Our experience has shown a reduction in the total cost of operation in each case and proven our service delivery capability.

NoiseOffice Technology

The service is delivered using the state of the art ANOMS system hosted in a 24 hour, Class-A data centre. Data collection is performed on site and securely streamed to the data centre where our team of experts monitor and manage data collection and processing, data validation, grooming and report generation.

NoiseOffice ensures that you have the information you need to run your noise management program when you need it.

NoiseOffice – Services to Manage Your Noise Data
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