SkyTrak Mode S Passive Radar Surveillance

SkyTrak is Brüel & Kjær's own Mode S passive radar system. SkyTrak provides real-time flight tracks and plans for use in any of our airport applications.

Now you can see live flight tracks. The kind of live, detailed information you can share with your neighbours readily via the web. The kind of high quality, accurate data you can use to streamline your operations and increase your revenue.

What SkyTrak Can Do For Your Airport

Every stakeholder at your airport will get a clear picture of what's happening in their airspace.

Live Situation Displays to Streamline Operations

  • Monitor aircraft operations in real-time

Faster, More Accurate Landing Fee Invoices

  • Accurate billing data - find those missing flights
  • Same day data - invoice earlier

Enhanced Community Communications

  • Engage your community through live web sites
  • Self serve investigation of noise concerns
  • Rich web functionality with integrated noise

Open the Door to a New World of Additional Airport Efficiency Tools Including

  • Operations staff - live displays in real time
  • Security - ensure your security team has up to date displays
  • Stand allocation - feed your system with an accurate operations picture
  • Runway maintenance - identify appropriate windows for maintenance

Your airport needs every advantage to achieve more with less. Your neighbours demand live information. You require real solutions in real time. SkyTrak delivers. And because it’s from Brüel & Kjær, you can trust it will work.

We provide solutions that help optimize your airport’s efficiency, minimize your impact and build bridges with your local communities.

How SkyTrak Works

SkyTrak System Description

Live Flight Plans and Mode S Tail Numbers

  • Accurate flight identification in real time
  • No waiting for the next day to identify airframes

No Hidden Costs

  • No extra sensors needed to achieve pinpoint accuracy
  • No expensive "off-airport" equipment sites needed
  • Low communications and power costs

Low Impact Installation

Trusted Supplier

  • It's from Brüel & Kjær, the leader in Noise and Flight Track Monitoring

SkyTrak Mode S Passive Radar Surveillance
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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