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   International Tunnelling Awards 2013Noise Sentinel Type 7871 is Web-based subscription service that provides everything you need to meet your ongoing noise, vibration, dust and air quality monitoring obligations. Noise Sentinel manages measurement terminals, collects and processes data, and allows users to retrieve data to report levels for ongoing compliance with relevant environmental restrictions.

Subscribing to Noise Sentinel has a number of benefits compared to the established approach of purchasing and operating your own system.

We make it simple for you

  • We manage the entire system for you 24 hours a day
  • We maximise your data completeness with monitoring and data recovery
  • We look after all standards traceability so you can use the data to defend your position should you be challenged
  • All equipment is removed and sites made good at the completion of the programme
  • Our flexible service adapts to changes in the monitoring programmes, adding features and additional monitoring sites whenever necessary
  • We are responsible and accountable for all types of measurement

High quality results

  • We manage the entire system for you 24 hours a day
  • We maximise your data completeness with monitoring and data recovery
  • We check the data and make clear any data limitations or concerns so you have the full picture before you use the data
  • Delivered by a professional services organisation with decades of experience in providing noise monitoring services

Simplified finances

  • Up to 40% less capital investment up front than purchasing and operating your own system
  • Certainty of cost throughout the lifetime of the monitoring programme
  • 10% to 20% lower total cost of operation during the lifetime of the service compared to purchasing and operating your own system


     The overview screen in
Noise Sentinel

Areas of application

Noise Sentinel has applications in any outdoor situation where long-term noise, vibration, dust or air quality compliance information and/or threshold alerting is needed:

  • Mines & quarries
  • Ports & harbours
  • Industrial/chemical plants
  • Power stations
  • Wind farms
  • Construction projects

How does it work?

Noise Sentinel is a Web-based subscription monitoring service that has been specifically designed to enable industry to monitor and report compliance with environmental restrictions and to help manage impact. Extensive reporting and alerts for noise exceedances via local audible and visual indicators, SMS or e-mail are standard functions. Noise Sentinel provides environmental management capabilities to industry and local authority urban monitoring applications on a platform accessible from anywhere over the internet.


 Noise Sentinel diagram    Noise Sentinel is a web-based subscription service

Noise Sentinel not only automatically reports compliance based on monitoring, it also monitors in real-time to enable operators to manage and avoid exceedances. With a clear and simple user interface optimised to manage measurements in real-time, Noise Sentinel can be easily used by operations staff. Thus, Noise Sentinel meets Best Available Techniques (BATs) of Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) legislation such as 2008/1/EC for industrial sites.

Managing noise exceedance

Noise Sentinel enables you to manage operations in order to maintain compliance with any noise, vibration, dust or air quality restrictions. In operation, Noise Sentinel’s real-time noise control application displays a map of the surrounding area with the monitoring locations identified. Current levels are shown on the map in real-time at each location. If the measured reach defined levels, warnings and alerts are triggered indicating either that set levels have exceeded defined criteria, or will breach the criteria if they continues at the current levels.

Noise Sentinel's real-time noise control application     Noise Sentinel's real-time noise control application displays a map of the surrounding area with the monitoring locations identified

In addition, Noise Sentinel may be configured to send alerts by e-mail, SMS or to an external warning signal giving one or more additional notifications in the event of an alert. Alerts can be investigated, sound recordings listened to and the causes documented by operators. The information about the exceedance is recorded within Noise Sentinel and included in the regular Noise Sentinel reports.

Do you want to know more?

To learn more about Noise Sentinel, please contact your local sales office or request a quote online.

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