Noise Sentinel

 Measuring and predicting noise, vibration, dust and air quality

   International Tunnelling Awards 2013Noise Sentinel is a Web-based subscription service that provides real-time monitoring and compliance management. It’s intended for permanent or multi-year environmental compliance monitoring in urban and industrial areas including construction sites, mines, ports, entertainment venues and industrial sites.

Noise Sentinel delivers peace of mind, simplifies your business, provides certainty of cost and is from a single, independent provider you and your stakeholders can trust. It continuously:

  • Monitors noise to manage compliance and limit complaints
  • Monitors vibration to manage the risk of building damage or disruption to sensitive equipment
  • Monitors dust to reduce impact on surrounding communities and workers
  • Monitors air quality to ensure compliance with national standards

Noise Sentinel overview screen

We make it simple for you. You purchase a subscription and we provide everything you need to accurately report your compliance 24 hours a day – freeing you to concentrate on your core responsibilities. Subscriptions include:

  • Instrumentation, installation, commissioning and testing
  • Data collection, recovery, storage and processing
  • Report generation and distribution
  • Ongoing fault fixing, data collection checks, preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Instrumentation recovery and data transfer at the conclusion of your subscription 

The service operates using the latest cloud computing techniques. It provides a secure and scalable architecture that delivers the performance, reliability and accessibility required by our customers. Cloud computing also makes setup simple and reduces costs.

In addition, because you invest only in the data that you need, Noise Sentinel is cost efficient.

  • Up to 40% less capital investment up front than purchasing and operating your own system
  • Certainty of cost throughout the lifetime of the monitoring program
  • 10% to 20% lower total cost of operation during the lifetime of the service compared to purchasing and operating your own system

Additional information can be found on our Noise Sentinel website. Alternatively, please contact your local sales office or request a quote online. For your short-term noise monitoring needs, discover Noise Sentinel - On Demand. Any questions you have can be emailed to

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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