Vibration software

Rotating machinery diagnostics

Due to production tolerances, wear and load variation, the moving parts in any rotating machine will cause annoying vibrations that eventually lead to breakdowns. Machine diagnostics is the PULSE configuration containing the basic tools addressing vibration problems in rotating machines.   Read more

Structural dynamics

Structural dynamics is a discipline concerned with the behaviour of structures subjected to dynamic loading. PULSE solutions for analysis of structural dynamics are Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis, Classical Modal Analysis, Operational Modal Analysis, Test-FEA Integration and Shock Response Analysis.   Read more


Noise travels through structures as vibration, so vibroacoustics analyses sources, tracks the vibroacoustic path to the receiver, and allows engineers to experience it in a simulator – transforming NVH design and troubleshooting processes.   Read more

PULSE Reflex Angle Domain Analysis - Type 8740

Type 8740 is a time data post-processing application for analysing sound and vibration signals in the angle domain. Its primary use is crank-angle analysis of internal combustion engine/powertrain systems, but it can be used to analyse any rotating system where cyclic phenomena are of interest.   Read more
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