Structural dynamics

Structural dynamics is a discipline concerned with the behaviour of structures subjected to dynamic loading. PULSE solutions for analysis of structural dynamics are Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis, Classical Modal Analysis, Operational Modal Analysis, Test-FEA Integration and Shock Response Analysis.

Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis - Type 7765

Used to determine the vibration pattern of a structure under given operating conditions. Vibration measurements are performed at different points and directions on the structure and the vibration pattern can be shown as an animated geometry model of the structure or listed in a...   Read more

Classical Modal Analysis

Classical Modal Analysis ranges from simple mobility tests with impact hammers to multi-shaker testing of large and complex structures with hundreds of response accelerometers. Brüel & Kjær’s modal solutions are expandable and can grow with your requirements.   Read more

Operational Modal Analysis

Based on measuring only the output of a structure and using the ambient and operating forces as unmeasured input. It is used for modal identification under actual operating conditions and in situations where it is difficult to control an artificial excitation of the structure.   Read more

Test-FEA Integration - Type 8722

The Finite Element interfaces enable you to import large FE models into PULSE Reflex Modal Analysis and PULSE Reflex Correlation Analysis. The FE models can be imported as UFF files or from FEA programs like NASTRAN®, ANSYS® and ABAQUS®.   Read more

Shock Response Analysis - Type 8730

Type 8730 computes the shock response spectrum (SRS) from transients in the time domain. The aim of the SRS calculation is to convert motion input to a set of single degree of freedom (SDOF) damped oscillator responses calculated in the time domain.   Read more
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