Dynamic signal analyzer - Type PHOTON+

PHOTON+ is a ultra-portable, real-time analyzer designed for making fast and accurate vibration measurements with post-processing capabilities. It offers the convenience and speed of the industry standard USB 2.0 interface, and comes with two to four analog input channels, plus a waveform source/tachometer channel.


  • In-vehicle testing
  • In-flight testing
  • Low-level acoustic and vibration testing due to PHOTON’s extremely low measurement noise floor
  • Field, laboratory and anywhere you need to make measurements
  • Remote measurements: PHOTON+ can be placed up to 5 metres (16.4 ft) from the connected PC; with USB hubs used as repeaters, this can be extended to up to 30 metres (98.4 ft)


  • All-in-One Analyzer with one click switching between real-time measurements, data recording, and post-processing
  • Compact and light, weighing less than 227 g (8 oz), easy to carry and ideal for field or lab use
  • Multi-channel with 2 to 4 inputs and 1 output/ tachometer
  • Fast real-time processing for quick setup, instant results, and on-site data verification
  • High precision measurements with 24-bit inputs including full anti-alias protection
  • Multiple input ranges (10 mV to 10V) and low measurement noise floor for accurate low level measurements
  • Built-in CCLD sensor power means no external signal conditioning needed
We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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