PULSE platform

At the heart of a PULSE system lies PULSE LabShop and PULSE Reflex Core, which are the main data acquisition and post-processing components. PULSE LabShop is the real-time acquisition and multi-analysis platform for many of the other PULSE Solutions, but is in itself one of the most popular stand-alone recording, FFT, CPB and Order analyzers in the world with more than 10.000 installations.

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> Simplify multi-channel measurement setups with the Transducer Smart Setup smartphone app


Our world-leading real-time analysis software platform, LabShop clearly displays live measurements data as it simultaneously processes them, and perfectly complements our LAN-XI data acquisition hardware.   Read more

PULSE Reflex Core

Post-processing software platform for analysing recorded time data at a later stage, bringing the advantage that the recorded raw data can be analysed and re-analysed at leisure, and easily transferred between different users.   Read more

PULSE Access Type 7781-N6

PULSE Access contains all you need for simple sound and vibration tests, operating competently as stand-alone applications. They are easily expanded to fit larger, industry-specific solutions.   Read more
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