4128D - Head and Torso Simulator (HATS)

Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Type 4128D is a manikin with built-in ear and mouth simulators that provides a realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of an average adult human head and torso. It is designed to be used in-situ electroacoustics tests on, for example, telephone handsets, headsets, audio conference devices, microphones, headphones, hearing aids and hearing protectors.

Handset Positioner Type 4606 for accurate positioning of telephone handsets on the HATS for electroacoustic measurements is included.


  • Telephone handsets (including mobile and cordless)
  • Headsets
  • Audio conference devices
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing protectors


  • Complies with ITU-T Rec. P.58 and ANSI S3.36-1985
  • Conforms to the acoustic specifications of IEC 60318-7
  • Highly representative mouth simulator with overload protection
  • Supplied standardised Right Ear Simulator Type 4158C fulfils ITU-T P.57 and IEC60318-4
  • Optional Left Ear Simulator Type 4159C 
  • Adjustable neck angle for realistic hands-free telephone measurements
  • Soft pinnas


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