• Accuracy anywhere

    Our accelerometers are ready for any situation you might find yourself needing, be it variable humidity, temperatures up to 230°C, or mounting on difficult surfaces. They consistently perform to the highest standard in the real-world because of our exacting construction and test procedures – performed in a class-10 cleanroom.
  • Accelerometer Type 4525-B

    Plug and play

    Simply connect your accelerometers and they will automatically communicate and self-identify with your system using TEDS technology. This cuts laborious setup procedures and produces more reliable measurements, enabling you to plug-in and get measuring quickly.

    Consistency out of the box

    High quality materials are pre-aged in a heating cycle so that your accelerometers are delivered fully run-in. The result is material stability that guarantees reliable sensitivity out of the box, and less recalibration.

  • A purchase that lasts

    All our accelerometers are precision-built in high-grade titanium and stainless steel, and they must all pass strict quality assurance checks. This ensures they will last for decades, and remain as sensitive as the day they were calibrated.
  • Invest and avoid hidden costs

    Avoid costly surprises and gain time you did not realise you were losing. We invest time in fully developing our products so you do not waste yours with downtime, errors, and missed measurements.

    Single supplier with global backup

    Join the largest one-stop-shop in sound and vibration measurement that supplies everything you could need, and is backed with comprehensive servicing and training throughout the world.

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment

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