4128C - Head and Torso Simulator (HATS)

Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Type 4128C is a manikin with built-in ear and mouth simulators that provides a realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of an average adult human head and torso. It is designed to be used in-situ electroacoustics tests on, for example, telephone handsets, headsets, audio conference devices, microphones, headphones, hearing aids and hearing protectors.


  • Telephone handsets (including mobile and cordless)
  • Headsets
  • Audio conference devices
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing protectors


  • Complies with ITU-T Rec. P.58 and ANSI S3.36-1985
  • Conforms to the acoustic specifications of IEC 60318-7
  • Highly representative mouth simulator with overload protection
  • Supplied standardised Right Ear Simulator Type 4158C fulfils ITU-T P.57 and IEC60318-4
  • Optional Left Ear Simulator Type 4159C
  • Adjustable neck angle for realistic hands-free telephone measurements
  • Soft pinnas


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