Software de análisis PULSE

PULSE analysis software

Our analyzer platform for data analysis, recording and data management – from simple tasks to advanced functionality.

PULSE does it all: simple, real-time analysis with a few channels, or multiple types of analysis with simultaneous time data recording. The unrivalled stability means channel counts up to 600 are commonplace, and 1000+ channel systems are realistically within reach.

Over 20 years of development and maturation that have seen more than 11,000 installations make PULSE the most popular analysis platform in a wide range of industries including automotive, electroacoustics, telecommunications, aerospace, defence, and consumer products.

PULSE Reflex is our new generation of intuitive real-time and post-processing software for the future. To set up an analysis, you simply drag and drop analysis components – such as FFT analysis – into an interactive graphical diagram. These are known as process chains, and can be saved and sent to colleagues around the world with exactly the same displays and scaling. In addition, extensive automation such as batch processing helps boost productivity.

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