Providing stellar data in systems where no LAN-XI has gone before

Since its release in September 2019, LAN-XI Open Application Protocol Interface (API) has been a welcome addition to companies and test houses around the globe. LAN-XI Open API enables the benefits of LAN-XI data acquisition hardware regardless of the software used. This gives users more flexibility via a platform-independent interface for programming LAN-XI data acquisition hardware from your own (or third party) software.

When our sales team asked some customers about their acquisition of the system, this flexibility was the most common benefit noted because it gives the ability to write customized software. As LAN-XI modules, they can function perfectly with BK Connect® and legacy PULSE™ LabShop setups, or using the open API, the modules can work with the tools used in just about any custom or third-party setup to provide the superior data quality needed to give confidence in the results.

Another common comment concerned documentation. A comprehensive user guide (downloadable from and code samples (available at GitHub®) substantially increases the ease of integrating the system into unique measurement and testing setups. By providing the user guide and code samples, the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented in order to gain the benefits of the open API, focus can be applied to more important things, like getting the data.

Follow the link to find out more about LAN-XI hardware and the LAN-XI Open API option.

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