BK Connect 2018.1 released

BK Connect 2018.1 – software that continues to work like you work

The BK Connect 2018.1 release builds on all the concepts that were introduced as part of the 2018 release. The automated workflows have been expanded, the real time data validation has been increased as well as support of two-way data exchange between BK Connect and PULSE Data Manager for our existing PDM users. All of this strengthens our BK Connect offering for you.

Enhanced real-time monitoring to support data validation during a recording

When BK Connect was launched Hardware Setup Type 8401 included four real-time monitors as part of the application: overall Level, FFT spectrum, time history and the spectrogram. This latest release expands this monitoring functionality by including the 1/3rd-octave spectrum monitor with optional acoustic weighting and auditory monitoring functionality where you can listen to to any signal through your PC’s sound card.

Listening is a great tool for understanding data. It is especially valuable when you are not close to the measurements being made, for example, when the measurement is made in the test chamber and you are outside in a control room. In this remote situation, one of the best tools to validate the results is to listen to the microphone or accelerometer data during the measurement itself.

BK CONNECT HARDWARE SETUP - Enhanced real-time monitoring to support data validation during a recording

Real time FFT and 1/3rd octave monitoring during recording

Set up metadata and the device under test (DUT) for storage to a BK Connect database or PDM

One of the strengths of BK Connect is that it is built upon a database that allows you to document your test results with metadata, then later search for your data based on this metadata. To support this, we introduced a new concept called the Device Under Test (DUT). The Device Under Test is a new level of metadata description that can be assigned to a recording or processed result.

The Device Under Test is stored in the database and can be loaded into any new project allowing the metadata assigned at the Results level to be unique to that specific recording or processing while reusing the DUT across multiple actions. Once the data has been documented you can either store the data using the built-in database or, if you have previously used PULSE Data Manager, with the 2018.1 release we support two-way data exchange between BK Connect and PULSE Data Manager as part of the Type 8400-B Native File Format Imports. This will enable those of you with data stored in our current network database solution to migrate to BK Connect for acquisition and processing while continuing to use your existing data management solution.

BK Connect - Device Under Test (DUT) is a new data attribute that can be assigned for a recording

Create or add a Device Under Test to the existing project for documenting recording and analysis results

Improved workflow between the Specialist and Operator/Test Engineer through test export and the Results Selector component

One of the more powerful features of BK Connect is its ability to quickly generate a report by making selections in the Results Matrix and sending the individual displays to the active report. The automation of the analysis streamlines the process from measurement to results significantly, but to generate the report still required interaction with the software.

You, the user, would select a specific cell or multiple cells in the matrix and click the Send to Report icon. This would generate one page at a time, which was a good start but took time to make multi-page reports. The Results Selector, available in the standard processing task as part of both Type 8403 and Type 8404-A licences, is our answer to pre-creating multi-pages of displays either for viewing or reporting. The displays created for these distinct tasks may be different. The Results Selector is a combined selection of cells in the results matrix and a display rule. Now, as part of the analysis you can auto-view the displays and then create a multi-page report again giving you the flexibility to either create the report as you go or predefine a report template.

BK CONNECT DATA PROCESSING Improved workflow through test export and the Results Selector component

Predefined Grouping of results using the new Results Selector

These features and many more are included in the BK Connect core applications, (Types 840x) so it is available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract for the appropriate licences.

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