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Updated release schedule, providing a better product

Throughout the years, Brüel & Kjær has been earning its place as a visionary company, providing industry-leading products through innovation and modernization. Hand-in-hand with that vision is the desire to find ways to better support our customers and meet their needs.

Over the past decade computing capabilities have increased dramatically and the capabilities of and expectations for software have followed suit. This means that the importance of the solutions and benefits that Brüel & Kjær provide has increased significantly. The release pattern also needs to maintain pace with new functionalities and solutions. Recently we have explored how we can best leverage the way software development is being done today and in the future.

Changing the release pattern for software upgrades

As a positive result of our increased software development capabilities, we have decided to change our yearly release pattern for software upgrades. Beginning with our first new SW release in Q1 of 2018, we will provide two software releases with improved benefits per year.

This change will lead to greater flexibility and enable us to more quickly incorporate customer feedback into our software solutions in the future. This is a key factor in ensuring that new features are timely and significant, and we’ve been working hard to do just that with our next software release, which will open up a new level of collaborative capabilities and an improved connection to data and processes. To be among the first to know, sign up here.

Beyond Tomorrow

In our ongoing effort to push boundaries, we’ve initiated the Beyond Tomorrow project.  Together with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, and working with selected experts, we are investigating key trends and predictions for product development leading up to 2030. The feedback and results garnered so far are already interesting.

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Best Regards,

Henrik Ceder
VP Strategic Marketing and Product Management

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