BK Connect data management

Making decisions based on data is now faster than ever

by Jason Kunio, Product Manager, BK Connect

While we take time to ensure that the transducer is calibrated and mounted properly, the processing settings are correct, and the recordings properly backed up, this is probably not where we spend most of our time or have the most fun. We spend most of our time sifting through data. It is only when we start to sift through data that problems are solved, and lessons learnt. However, the complexity and challenges of making decisions based on data is not limited to large tests. The challenges occur as soon as you have data that needs to be compared and ultimately reported. In the example below, five products were tested using 15 channels and several types of analysis including order extraction. From this seemingly small test, we ended up with 600 results.

How can you get an overview of all the data processed during a set of measurements, so that you can easily find the data you are looking for? How can you select the data from multiple tests on multiple channels and easily compare the data not just by channel name, but in any number of ways? The data can come from LabShop, it can come from BK Connect®, it might be previously measured data extracted from the database or it might even come from another processing system using one of the file formats that can be imported into BK Connect.

10 functions selected for the Overall vs RPM, with  contour plot, for a single channel

Access all results and save time making comparisons
Using the Results Matrix allows you to have this high-level overview of the results available as the rows show the channel name, and the columns are segmented by processing type. Selecting any cell or cells in the matrix populates data into the displays. Then by selecting some of the predefined or user definable rules, the way in which the data is sorted into the displays can be controlled. The rule can be anything from each result in its own display to all the results overlaid in a single display. The access you have to all these results not only reduces the amount of time spent making the comparisons but also increases the knowledge you have in the data simply because it is so easy to make just one more comparison. This functionality is fundamental to BK Connect and fundamental to the way in which sound and vibration engineers work every day.

Whether you still have existing tools for part of the process or have migrated to BK Connect for your data acquisition and processing, you can still take advantage of the Data Management, Data Comparison and Reporting tools in BK Connect.

When you add metadata descriptions for documentation to your measurements and use the integrated Microsoft® Office reporting tools, you will find that making decisions based on your data is now faster than ever.

25 functions selected for the order vs RPM are compared with different orders extracted for each product, using a simple comparison rule based on product name

25 functions selected for the order vs RPM are compared with different orders extracted for each product, using a simple comparison rule based on 
order slice centre