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Getting started: structural dynamics

Trial license

In order to be up running with your structural dynamics trial license in the shortest possible time, how-to and teaser videos as well as example files are available on this page. Example files for PULSE Operational Modal Analysis and PULSE Structural Health Monitoring are available in the installation. A link is shown when you open the software.

BK Connect How-to Videos

Getting started with BK Connect
How to import data into BK Connect

Working with templates in BK Connect

BK Connect geometry editing tools

How to create a geometry using top-down modeling

How to create a geometry using bottom-up modeling

How to decimate a Finite Element Model to a test geometry in BK Connect

Several other BK Connect how-to videos are available on YouTube and in the BK Connect Help Centre.

PULSE Teaser Videos

Teaser - Operational Modal Analysis

Teaser - Structural Health Monitoring



Example files

Time ODS Analysis
ODS as a function of time on a small plate structure with 9 nodes. The plate has been excited by transients using finger tapping.

Spectral ODS Analysis
ODS analysis at specific frequencies on a small plate structure with 9 nodes. The plate has been excited by an engine running at approx. 100 Hz (6k RPM) with a number of dominant harmonic components.

Modal Analysis
Modal analysis on a brake disc. Frequency Response Functions measured using roving hammer impacts in 60 nodes and three uniaxial reference accelerometers. The disc contains a number of repeated roots (multiple modes at the same frequency) due to its symmetrical properties.

Correlation Analysis

Correlation analysis between a test and a FE modal model of an aluminium frame. The modal test was done using MIMO Analysis with 2 modal exciters and 40 triaxial accelerometers. The FE analysis was done using approx. 27k nodes and 27k elements.