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Please give us your feedback on the new

In order to make as good a website as possible, we need feedback from you.

  • Bugs
    If you encounter bugs, please let us know. For bugs, it is important to describe both the problem and what you did to make the problem happen, including the URL of the previous page. Screenshots, a URL to the page in question, and information about device and browser are necessary to identify the bug and correct it.
  • Corrections
    The category is to help us correct mistakes in the site content: factual errors, linking errors and typos in the site. Screenshots and a URL to the page in question are very helpful.
  • Ideas for future development
    Please share your ideas to make an even better website. We cannot guarantee that your ides will be implemented, but we can promise that all ideas will be evaluated by the web team.
  • Other comments
    Comments that do not fall into any of the categories above.

The more information you supply, the easier it is to address your feedback. We ask for your contact details to enable us to get in touch with you if we need more information.

Please be patient when awaiting a response from the team - feedback will be prioritized and addressed accordingly.

Common questions and answers 

You can find answers for common questions on this ODIN page. We add to the list as topics appear.

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