PULSE LabShop & Reflex Training

We want to ensure you are getting the most our of your PULSE Analysis Software, so we would like to invite you to join us for one of our free training sessions, coming to a city near you.

PULSE LabShop - One Day

This class is for new and existing users of PULSE LabShop. Participants will learn how to set up new projects and modify existing ones to best fi t their needs. Each step of making a good measurement will be reviewed and demonstrated in PULSE. Best practices for sound and vibration testing will also be discussed.

PULSE Reflex Training - One Day

PULSE Reflex is a very powerful tool for processing, comparing and reporting sound and vibration data easily and efficiently. PULSE LabShop licenses include the ability to use many of the features of Reflex which adds a new pallet of powerful tools to existing PULSE systems.  This class is for new and existing PULSE Reflex and LabShop users. Participants will learn how to use PULSE Reflex to quickly and easily analyze sound and vibration recordings and create Microsoft Word and PowerPoint reports.

Upcoming Locations & Dates

Queretaro, MX PULSE LabShop August 22nd     Minneapolis, MN  PULSE LabShop November 7th
  PULSE Reflex August 23rd       PULSE Reflex November 8th
Plymouth, MI Basic PULSE LabShop September 12th     Los Angeles, CA PULSE Labshop November 14th
  Advanced PULSE LabShop September 13th       PULSE Reflex November 15th
  PULSE Reflex September 14th          
          Indianapolis, IN PULSE LabShop December 5th
 Baltimore, MD PULSE LabShop September 19th       PULSE Reflex December 6th
  PULSE Reflex September 20th          
Quebec, Montreal PULSE LabShop October 3rd          
  PULSE Reflex October 4th          

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