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Monitoring noise to reduce impact at CSIA Mumbai

To reduce its impact on the surrounding community, CSIA Mumbai applies a balanced approach, analyzing sound levels and reporting compliance with the latest aviation legislation

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"We needed to measure both aircraft and airport sound levels. This had to be done after considering background city noise," says CSIA Mumbai Executive Vice President Dr. Narendra Hosabettu. "We needed a simple system with automation so that we could save a lot of our staff’s time. Also, we needed something that could integrate data from different noise terminals and analyze and report our noise levels through a single portal." After conducting a noise mapping study to understand the various sources contributing noise in its airspace, airport and surrounding community, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd. (MIAL) selected NoiseDesk.


Taking into account city background noise, CSIA Mumbai has to manage its noise impact and fulfil regulatory obligations


NoiseDesk, a web-based noise monitoring system that monitors and manages sound levels to efficiently implement noise abatement procedures and programmes


CSIA Mumbai accurately assesses its noise impact and easily provides reports demonstrating noise compliance

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