YS Upgraded software available for signal analyser, Photon+

26 Jun 2016

To speed up noise and vibration data analysis for industrial machinery and vehicle manufacturers, Brüel & Kjær has launched enhanced software for its Photon signal analyser - RT Pro 7.3.

The RT Pro 7.3 release provides enhanced Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), signal analysis, 1/nth octave/acoustic analysis, modal data acquisition and swept sine measurements, making it ideal for testing acoustic and vibration in applications such as rotating machinery and automated production lines.

Powered via a USB 2.0 port and weighing less than 227g (8oz), the PHOTON+ unit operates on a notebook PC battery, making it easy to carry around, whether it is for use in a laboratory or field-testing.

Photon+ has been designed specifically to turn any PC into an instrument-quality portable analyser that provides instant multi-channel noise and vibration results - and onsite data verification. It has 2 or 4 inputs, so users can switch the unit from single to multi-channel system. It also has an extremely low measurement noise floor, making it ideal for performing low level acoustic and vibration tests in applications, such as aircraft cabins and vehicles.

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