Simplified service supervision with Calibration data cloud

31 Oct 2016

Online information centre to store and handle calibration

To simplify calibration management and provide instant access to essential data for acousticians and consultants, Brüel & Kjær has created an online store - Calibration data cloud.

Calibration is a necessary evil of the engineer’s world; it guarantees their measurements are accurate and ensures peace of mind. It’s also the only way to prove that measurements are valid - whether it is for auditors checking compliance to ISO or OSHA standards, OEM customers checking quality procedures or enquiries from legal agencies - so the owner must arrange regular checks, against a known standard, to ensure the instrument gives the results it should.

As many engineers use multiple pieces of the same equipment - such as sound level meters, transducers and accelerometers - it’s easy to make mistakes or forget when items are due for check-up. The owner must also file calibration certificates and charts so they are easy to find during audits. 

Since all this administration wastes the owners’ time and makes them vulnerable to erroneous measurements, Brüel & Kjær has put it all online. Hosted on the company’s website ( the Calibration data cloud is a single, paperless site for users to find all calibration information and carry out administration tasks related to calibration - they can take a transducer from a drawer and just search for its serial number online to find the calibration information, such as the sensitivity or standard compliance. Or see at a glance all of their current transducers and analyzers, then access vital information from any year going back to the original factory calibration.

Instruments from other suppliers can be added, so even if they are not Brüel & Kjær products, the user can still view all of their assets in one location. The site has a colour-coded system that indicates when an asset is nearing its calibration date, with clear red indicators if a calibration date has been missed. There’s also a search function so anyone with multiple assets can find individual items easily.

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