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PULSE 21 is here: New software and applications

12 Sep 2016

Includes new software and applications for a range of industries - and enhancements in PULSE Reflex and LabShop

The latest release of PULSE includes new software and applications for a range of industries, and enhancements in PULSE Reflex and LabShop. In this release, we have focused on performance, because speed and stability is key when measuring and analyzing data.

Structural dynamics

PULSE Reflex Stepped Sine Measurements

PULSE Reflex Stepped Sine Measurements is the latest addition to our structural portfolio. The application enables manual and automatic control of multiple shakers using stepped sine excitation. PULSE Reflex Stepped Sine Measurements can be used for non-linearity studies and for very accurate estimation of Frequency Response Functions.

Acoustic application software

PULSE Reflex Telephone Test

PULSE Reflex Telephone Test sees a range of improvements with PULSE 21. Most importantly PULSE now supports: 

Refined Beamforming

Refined Beamforming software option is enhanced to include the CLEAN SC algorithm. This is a very effective tool to remove dominant sources from source plots, providing better spatial resolution for sources with a spatial extent. Read about the solutions and enhancements:

PULSE Reflex Acoustic Camera

The troubleshooting capabilities of PULSE Reflex Acoustic Camera have been greatly improved with the addition of spectrogram, which enables short noise events to be seen clearly, synthesis of 1/1-, 1/3-, 1/12-octave and recording of reference signals, amongst other things.

PULSE Sound Power of Fans

One room setup of PULSE Sound Power Determination of fans

PULSE Sound Power of Fans is a new software application that supports sound power determination of fans and enables manufacturers to comply with national and international regulations for noise emission quantities. The software is configured with the measurement requirements defined by ISO 3744, 3745 and 3746 to guide you through measurement set-up, measurement runs and report generation.

PULSE Material testing

PULSE Material Test includes two new calculations for bulk material properties in the absorption template. The transmission loss template now supports multiple sample results.

Vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) software

Indoor pass-by

Indoor Pass-by now includes a comparison function between two different cars. This powerful tool can compare the contribution of different parts, for example the muffler and tyre.

Vehicle pass-by

Vehicle Pass-by enhancements include support for R51.3 including the ASEP procedure and improved driver’s aid to help the driver find the right entry speed and RPM. 

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