First short-term noise monitoring system for airports launched

01 Nov 2016

Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand increases flexibility for investigation, compliance or planned changes

Brüel & Kjær today announced the release of Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand, a system that enables airports to temporarily - and cost-effectively - increase noise monitoring when needs arise.

This system helps airports measure before and after operational changes, investigate complaints, show compliance and credibly communicate with the community.

Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand works with the company’s airport noise and operations monitoring system, ANOMS and NoiseDesk noise management. It includes everything needed for a short-term, real-time noise monitoring project. The solution comes with easily installed portable noise monitoring terminals, which includes a tripod, batteries, chargers, security cables, calibrator, mobile modem and a prepaid communications service.

Brüel & Kjær ensures the units are tested, calibrated and shipped within days of ordering. Users simply deploy the equipment and begin recording real-time sound levels.

Real or perceived airspace changes can be unsettling for the public. Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand delivers an airport’s accurate data that the community trusts is reliably measuring their noise experience. The system includes a Community Noise App that builds community confidence by allowing people to watch real-time measured levels change in response to noise they hear.

“Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand lets airports respond quickly to operational changes. It’s easily ordered and - when you’ve collected enough data - just send the unit back. There’s no need to tie up airport capital on equipment that’s only occasionally used,” said Product Marketing Manager, Matthew Barry.

Read more about Brüel & Kjær's airport noise monitoring tools

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