BK Connect 2018.1, all new BK Connect applets and LAN-XI Light

New tools help you get the job done

30 Jun 2018

BK Connect updates, LAN-Xi Light and new, task oriented BK Connect applets focus on user needs and streamlined workflows

The BK Connect concept centres around streamlining sound and vibration testing according to the workflows and needs of each user role – from acquiring precise, reliable data to pertinent final reports, quickly and efficiently. Staying true to this concept, Brüel & Kjær, on 30 June 2018, released the 2018.1 update to the core functionality of BK Connect and launched BK Connect applets and LAN-XI Light.

BK Connect 2018.1

The BK Connect 2018.1 release provides many updated and new features that focus on improving the capabilities of each user at every stage of the test process. The updated functionalities include:

  • Improving the workflow so that the specialist can preselect specific cells in the Results Matrix so that the operator only reviews and reports the pertinent data
  • Safeguarding against bad data by providing the operator with additional validation tools like the CPB spectrum monitor with optional acoustic weighting, and audio monitoring through the PC sound card
  • Increasing access to all your data with network PULSE Data Manager (PDM) database support 

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BK Connect Applets

BK Connect applets are user-role-centric, self-contained solutions designed to perform specific tasks. Created using subsets of BK Connect applications, applets are perfect for stand-alone operation where a full BK Connect licence is not needed. This first release of applets includes:

  • BK Connect FFT Analysis Applet
    For general sound and vibration (S&V) tasks such as on-site vibration troubleshooting and fault diagnostics for rotating machinery and narrow-band acoustic signal analysis
  • BK Connect FFT, CPB and Overall Analysis Applet
    Designed for stationary and non-stationary testing that requires standard S&V measurements using FFT, 1/3-octave and overall analysis, such as calculating equivalent sound level (Leq) spectra on white goods, and narrow-band and 1/3-octave acoustic signal analysis
  • BK Connect Order Analysis Applet
    A dedicated tool for making order analysis on sound and vibration data, detecting patterns caused by inherent instabilities and imbalances in rotating or reciprocating machines
  • BK Connect Acoustic Camera Applet
    An easy-to-use measure-and-record solution that acquires data for noise source location applications and creates sound maps of sound intensity and sound pressure overlain with a synchronous video

BK Connect applets only include the tools and functionality needed for the job to do, providing a more focused and streamlined process at a price in line with the task.

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LAN-XI Light

LAN-XI Light is a rugged stand-alone, four-channel data acquisition (DAQ) module that supports voltage inputs and CCLD transducers – perfect for use in the lab or field. These modules are ideally suited for use with BK Connect applets but can be used with BK Connect applications that do not require more than four channels – such as quick production quality assurance measurements, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) recording or battery-operated recording in the field (such as for traffic noise). 

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