Sonoscout 2.0 - released

24 Feb 2017

Sonoscout is an ultra-portable, multi-channel NVH recorder for validation and engineering – on the go or in production testing. An updated look and feel with added features make Sonoscout easier and more convenient to use than ever

Version 2.0 of Sonoscout™ was released on the 19th of January, and the initial customer response has been very positive. This release significantly updates the look and feel of the app and adds new features. This app automatically updates on your iPad® based on the common iOS settings in either iTunes® or on the iPad® itself. When the updated app is opened for the first time, the start screen will show a highlighted list of new functionality, which includes ASAM-ODS .atfx file export and the in-app LAN-XI battery meter.

The Sonoscout app for the iPad® works in combination with a wireless LAN-XI data acquisition hardware module, which has also been updated to improve the wireless connection. This connects to a measurement transducer, binaural microphone headset and even a vehicle CAN bus and transmits the data to the iPad® or records directly onto an SD card in the module. The Sonoscout license includes the Notar™ recorder capability. In addition to recording, the Sonoscout app has on-board analysis, which allows you to make decisions on the spot and even generate a report using Microsoft® Office apps. You can also transfer the data to PULSE Reflex™ for further data analysis or comparison, with the proper licenses, of course.

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