Eurofighter project to minimize noise near airports

22 Sep 2015

Collaboration with Airbus Defence & Space will model sound for low-noise flight plans

Brüel & Kjær and Airbus have entered into a cooperation to calculate the on-ground acoustic exposure of the Eurofighter.

The research project aims to perfect a complex software model of the fighter jet’s acoustic emissions when landing or taking off. 

The purpose of this model will be to plan take-off and landing flight paths that generate minimal acoustic disturbance for the local communities around airports used by the Eurofighter.

For a wide variety of flight configurations and operating conditions, the model will support accurate estimation of the noise radiated in all directions. This will enable Airbus Defence & Space to design low-noise flight paths, where the jet emits noise away from populated areas.

Brüel & Kjær will contribute to the project with specialist knowledge, data acquisition equipment, and software. Brüel & Kjær’s personnel will characterize the individual noise sources of the Eurofighter and measure their directivity under the different thrust and flight configurations. 

Airbus Defence & Space will use this detailed data to update and validate their Eurofighter noise models, and will subsequently incorporate this information into the software model to compute noise optimized  take-off and landing profiles.


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