Microphone and preamplifier calibration

Calibration Plus service agreement

Calibration Plus is the single service bundle that ensures your equipment benefits from full extended warranty coverage – including service, repair and, if needed, replacement – and is calibrated at regular intervals, sending you reminders when calibration is due

The Calibration Plus service contract is a plan that bundles together the relevant calibration services and an extended warranty for your product or products and additional benefits to ensure that your measurement project is on schedule. 

Calibration services

Calibration Plus allows for a broader range of calibration and verification services to match your needs. Services include regular calibration intervals, calibration reminder services and additional online services.

Extended warranty

Under the Calibration Plus service contract, you will receive the full benefits of an extended warranty for ten years starting at the original product shipment date*. All repairs related to product quality are covered.

Additional features and benefits include: 

  • 10% discount on rental equipment
  • 10% discount on accessories
  • Option to replace rather than repair a faulty product
  • Full coverage of all costs related to maintenance and repair of your equipment
  • Same price as for a calibration
  • Receive email notification of upcoming calibration due dates

Equipment eligible for Calibration Plus include

  • Sound level meters (SLMs)
  • Preamplifiers
  • Transducers
  • Calibrators
  • LAN-XI data acquisition hardware

* Only products working according to factory specifications on the start date of the Calibration Plus contract are covered by the extended warranty.

Calibration Plus is currently limited to Brüel & Kjær products in USA and Canada and B&K 2245 SLMs in most European Countries and Australia (subject to the availability of B&K 2245).

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