PULSE 21 includes new software and applications for a range of industries, and enhancements in PULSE Reflex and LabShop. In this release, we have focused on performance, because speed and stability is key when measuring and analyzing data.

The highlights include:

PULSE Reflex

  • Expansion of PULSE Reflex Measurements portfolio to include stepped sine structural measurements, plus new powerful tools such as live channel monitors and voice annotation during hammer measurements
  • More testing suites in PULSE Reflex Telephone Test, including support for hands‐free telephony and eCall testing
  • Improved troubleshooting in PULSE Reflex Acoustic Camera with the addition of the spectrogram
  • Greater data management flexibility using the new My Data in PULSE Reflex Core
  • Continuing efforts to grow and mature the PULSE Reflex software


  • New measurement control and slice monitor for touchscreen use in PULSE LabShop
  • Strengthening of the sound power suite with the new sound power determination of fans software and ISO 3747 support
  • Enhanced Refined Beamforming with the CLEAN‐SC algorithm to remove dominant sources from source plots
  • Encoding upgrade in PULSE Data Manager that allows local language back‐up and restoration of databases¨
  • Targeted enhancements and fixes in PULSE LabShop applications and Time Data Recorder


  • A new dedicated LAN‐XI module front panel for the testing of headphones, loudspeakers and receivers

A fast Internet line is recommended as the installation files are hundreds of megabytes.

NOTE: You can only download and install versions that you have a valid license for. You can check your license status here, when logged in to bksv.com. 


Previous PULSE versions

PULSE (fasttrack)
PULSE (production)
PULSE (fasttrack)
PULSE (production)

Please use the Support request form, if you need to have a copy of an earlier version of PULSE.
PULSE (fasttrack)
PULSE (production)
PULSE (fasttrack)
PULSE (production)
PULSE (fasttrack)
PULSE (production)
PULSE (production)
PULSE (fasttrack)
PULSE (production)
PULSE (production 


Download PULSE certificate of calibration.

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Hints and information on this version of PULSE.
File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download 0 kb English 08 Nov 2016

PULSE Reflex (x64)

Standard 64-bit PULSE Reflex installation.
File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download 0 kb English 08 Nov 2016

PULSE (x86)

Standard 32-bit PULSE LabShop installation

File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download 0 kb English 08 Nov 2016

Desktop NVH Simulator

Standard 32-bit Desktop NVH Simulator installation. 

File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download 0 kb English 08 Nov 2016

Full DVD download

Contains all of the files on the PULSE installation DVD, including:

  • Standard PULSE LabShop installation
  • Standard 64-bit PULSE Reflex installation
  • Standard 32-bit Desktop NVH Simulator installation 
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Extended PULSE knowledge library
  • LAN-XI guide
  • IDAe guide
File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download 0 kb English 08 Nov 2016

PULSE Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Standard 64-bit OMA and SHM installation

Brüel & Kjær has, since November 2000, offered solutions for Operational Modal Analysis. These solutions, have over the years, been continuously updated with the latest state-of-the-art techniques and tools, and have been recognized as the market-leading solutions for both the mechanical and civil engineering markets.

In April 2017, Brüel & Kjær introduced a completely new and significantly enhanced OMA software platform that also included powerful modules for Structural Health Monitoring.

An updated version is now available with substantial news such as a powerful tool for reduction of undesired peaks in the response spectra used for OMA, new features for Time and Frequency Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis, and a new Drift Analysis module for SHM. The software works with PULSE 21.

PULSE OMA Type 8760 – 8762
Main new features compared to previous OMA Type 7760 include:

  • Geometry creation tool
  • Embedded reporting in Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint®
  • Estimation of uncertainties of natural frequencies and damping ratios using the new SSI-UPCX technique
  • Removal of undesired peaks, such as deterministic signals (harmonics), in the time domain
  • More powerful Time and Frequency ODS analysis
  • Statistics on imported time data
  • Complexity plot including mode normalization

PULSE SHM BZ-8550 – BZ-8554
Modules that can be added to OMA Pro. Main features include:

  • Automatic file upload and processing from designated file folders
  • Damage indicators as a function of analysis session
  • Mode tracking as a function of analysis session
  • Analysis of inter-story drift
  • Notifications: Visual and auditive alerts, email and Web call services
File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download 0 kb English 22 Dec 2017

PULSE installation troubleshooting

We have documented the known issues that could occur during installation with their symptoms and solutions.

Please click on the items in the list below to find a full problem description and solution. On some systems there can be multiple causes of failure simultaneously. If none of these solutions help, please contact your local support representative.

Known installation problems:

Make sure any PC security software is disabled during installation. If an unexpected dialog appears during installation, disconnect from the Internet and disable your antivirus software's real-time scanner. You should disconnect from the Internet before disabling part of your antivirus software to protect yourself from web-based attacks while the real-time scanning software is disabled.

Your antivirus software's options can usually be displayed by clicking on its icon on the task bar.

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