CTS Patch for TEDS

Test for I-deas 5 software, which has recently been released, contains a number of updates including the Channel Table Spreadsheet and AFPoly curve fitter.

Key for I-deas customers using PULSE hardware is the addition of TEDS support. This feature is only available for PULSE hardware customers. In addition users will get access to high-pass filter settings and can set the acquisition bit depth (16 or 24-bit) on individual channels.

I-deas Compatibility with PULSE versions

To take advantage of the Channel Table Spreadsheet with Pulse hardware customers must install BOTH Test for I-deas 5 and PULSE 12.1 or higher. No PULSE license is required to access the acquisition driver in I-deas.

Important Information:

  • For Customers Using PULSE Hardware – An issue with negative sensitivities or low sensitivities (<100mv/EU) when reading TEDS transducers is not addressed in the Test for I-deas 5 release (Update V1.1 sent out with the shipment) and will give erroneous sensitivity values. Users of PULSE acquisition systems should install the 'CTS patch for TEDS read, Units conversion'.

    This problem does not affect customers of other acquisition hardware since they do not support TEDS.

  • For Customers Using Older Versions of I-deas – PULSE 12.0 and 12.1 are incompatible with version of I-deas 12 or earlier. Users of versions earlier than Test for I-deas 5 should not install the PULSE 12.0 or PULSE 12.1 versions. This issue will be fixed in PULSE 12.5.

CTS Patch for TEDS

File File Type Size Language Release Date
Channel Table Patch .zip 2135 kb English 13 Nov 2007
Readme .txt 1 kb English 13 Nov 2007