Spreadsheet Text Import Patch

This patch will correct the following issues with the Spreadsheet Text format Import features. Importing of data with unevenly spaced abscissa values would fail. Importing of data created from prior versions of I-deas would fail. An invalid parameter error message would be presented. Entering "All" for the number of records to be read would fail.

Note: You must have Test for I-deas 5 installed prior to installing this patch

  • Click the download link, when prompted select Save and provide a destination location
  • Copy the file into your %I-deas installation location%\tda directory overwriting the existing version. (For example C:\UGS\NXI5\tda)
  • View the Associated Readme for additional patch and installation information.

Spread Sheet Text Import Patch

File File Type Size Language Release Date
Spread Sheet Import Patch .zip 2205 kb English 28 Mar 2008
Readme .txt 1 kb English 28 Mar 2008