PULSE Applications

Download PULSE software

To download PULSE we need to validate your license first. Please proceed to the PULSE license center. From here you can download the PULSE software.

Customers with an active PULSE Software Maintenance and Support Agreement can access the PULSE 21 license. You can download the software. From PULSE 15 onwards, DVDs will only be available by request.

If your PULSE Software Maintenance and Support Agreement has expired, please contact your local sales representative to renew your agreement so you can continue to receive technical support and download the most current version.

Latest version of PULSE: (Released 9 November 2016)

Download PULSE Live Report

A measurement report created using Modern Displays can be viewed on a PC without PULSE or PULSE Data manager installed. However, the measurement data graphics will be shown as static pictures and the user will not be able to utilise the Live Display feature. If the recipient wants to utilise Live Displays, which include interactive cursor readouts, it is necessary to install PULSE Live Reports on the PC.

PULSE Live Reports does not require a PULSE license. 
File File Type Size Language Release Date
PULSE Live Report .zip 41411 kb English 08 Nov 2016

PULSE Access Type 7781-N6

PULSE Access comprises a series of basic analyzers that are the core of any measurement system.

PULSE Access comes with a set of measurement templates, each of them dedicated to one unique LAN-XI module.

File File Type Size Language Release Date
Download .zip 13357 kb English 23 Oct 2016