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Smarter Testing: Applications and Analytics


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Presentations will include many of the following topics:

  • Improving shaker tests to deliver more reliable products
  • Strain gauge applications in products and infrastructures
  • Correlating measured strains with finite element simulations
  • Measurement of acoustic properties of traditional and new materials
  • Automating analytics for huge quantities of sensor data
  • Improving the durability and reliabililty of products through data insights
  • Acoustic imaging to improve NV performance
  • Sound and vibration quality in applications such as ground vehicles, appliances and consumer products

We welcome further abstracts from customers on similar themes:

  • Aircraft Electric System Testing
  • Structural fatique testing
  • “Iron bird” aerospace flight control and actuator system testing
  • Dynamic modal testing and FEA correlation
  • Shock, vibration and impact testing
  • Real time monitoring and analysis of vibration data
  • Satelite testing
  • Gas turbine testing
  • Wind turbine testing
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Interior and exterior sound of electric vehicles