Theory and Practice of Noise Measurement

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The objective of this 2-day course is to provide a thorough basis of knowledge for those new to the fields of sound, noise and acoustic measurements. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to perform a range of noise measurements and correctly set up measuring instruments and assess noise reports.

This course is recommended to all users of Sound Level Meters and Spectrum Analysis equipment like 1/3-Octave Analyzers, who wish to acquire a good basic understanding of acoustic and measurement principles, for a variety of applications such as noise abatement, product labeling, building acoustics and others.

On day two of this course, participants are invited to perform a measurement, evaluation and reporting task. Each participant receives a personal Certificate of Competence upon successful completion of this task.

All users of sound level meters or other noise measuring systems, such as hand-held analyzers, 1/3-octave analyzers, etc, irrespective of legacy/brand.

After this course, the participant will be able to:
- Explain the basic concepts of noise measurement practice
- Correctly set up, calibrate, use and read out a sound level meter
- Perform and document a measurement
- State the achieved measurement uncertainty
- Interpret regulations and compare results to requirements

 Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments to the course, including all accessories such as power supplies, spare batteries, a calibrator, manuals, cables etc.

Course details
Start time
01 Oct 2019 9:00
Registration deadline
20 Sep 2019
2 days
Training course
£671 + VAT

(10% discount applies for Maintenance Support Contract M1 holders or service contract holders)
Guy Rickard
Thom King